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No matter how humble or fancy your marriage ceremony would be, try to keep on everything on your list. The idea is pretty much to highlight your wedding planning. But how about the location? If you are interested in celebrating at a wedding villa around Bali, make sure you do a tour and check all of these checks beforehand.

The Villa Or Venue Checklist You Need To Use

1. Behind The Scenes

Your villa behind the scenes can mean a lot to your special day. You can tour the back-of-the-house facilities, such as the kitchen, bathroom, parking, transportation, and many more. Remember that you will eventually stay in the villa during the ceremony. So, make sure everything is on point and running as it is supposed to be.

2. Space Access And Scheduling

Just because you rent a villa, does not mean you have no rules to follow. When you go for a tour, try to see and understand the space access given by the manager. At some point, you might need extra permission to reach a certain place, such as a kitchen, mezzanine, or wedding villa garden. Don’t forget to ask about scheduling, thus you won’t miss the beat or violate the time curve.

3. The Ceremony Design And Features

Another thing that you need to pay attention to is the ceremony features, design, and preparation. There are many options you can ask and find during the tour. It includes the use of lighting, amenities, rental, catering, and many more. Remember that you might have to pay more for the extra item. So, make sure everything is clear.

4. Permit And Licenses

The permit and license cover almost everything from noise, alcohol consumption, property, neighbors, etc. Indeed, you rent the whole property for your day. But, you need to ensure that everything abides by the local rules. So, ensure you check the contract and agreement before the permit and license expire.

5. Financial Logistics

The last wedding villa checklist is the payment plans, deposits, and refund policies. Bring it out if you have already settled the pick. In this case, you might have to consider package or self-maintenance. A package might help you plan everything from the scratch. However, if you want more freedom, please be thorough on your responsibilities and duties as a renter.

During the visit, you will find more details about the villa. It can be some information given online or by phone is not helping much. So, reaching out to the manager and seeing it directly will help you make a proper wedding plan. It is also a great point to consider how good your pick is. So, you won’t get disappointed in the day.

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